Brittany Johnson Art
Brittany Johnson Art
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 ABOUT The Artist:

Brittany Johnson

I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Art Education. I am currently serving as President of the Chesapeake Bay Art Association, a non-profit art organization raising money for student scholarships as well as hosting the Ocean view Art Show in Norfolk, Va.

In 11th grade I quit band to take my first art class since elementary and I fell in love. For the remainder of high school i carried around a backpack filled with acrylic paint and prismacolor markers and my art journal. I would finger paint, draw, and write in my journal throughout the day with any free time I had and walk the halls with hands coated in paint.. Over the years my abstract works have evolved but i have always been influenced by impressionism and the ideas of how we perceive light in nature. I love to explore texture and the process my paintings go through while layering paint, I can watch paintings transform to their finished product.. I usually do not start an abstract piece with any preconceived plan except for a possible color palate which may change as my work on that piece progresses. I let emotion, color, and composition lead my work. My absolute favorite way paint is very large,. I love the freedom painting big gives me and the impact a large wall covering piece makes on the space it is in.

in the past few years i have branched out in my creations. I've explored painting landscapes and i like them best when they keep my loose expressive way of painting with my very vibrant use of color,. I have also found a new love of painting small realistic animals, I have always loved animals especially ones that are tiny and cute, that is why i keep these portraits smaller than an 8" x 10". I also keep the backgrounds of these tiny creations representative of my abstract work often starting with a metallic layer covered by loose brush strokes and running paint, it gives these small portraits some extra depth. 

Almost all of my work relates to nature, and the beauty we can find in the world around us. I combine washes and stains with thick texture and often incorporate metallic and interference paints as well as flakes of mica in my work. I want my work to brighten and liven up the space that it is in.

a few years ago I made a scratchboard portrait of a friends dog as a wedding gift., and After sharing that portrait on social media I received several commissions. since then it has become my best seller and my favorite medium to work with. I love that it is unique as a medium and at shows most customers comment that they have never seen anything like it.  Focusing on working with scratchboards I am always learning new things and my work is continually improving.. I have been exploring new techniques of adding color with inks to my pieces.. I have hosted a few workshops on how to scratchboard through the CBAA. I love being able to memorialize others beloved pets and leave them with something unique they can cherish forever. I like to say that if they don't cry when seeing it for the first time then I didn't do a good enough job. 

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my work has previously been featured at Art Everywhere in Norfolk, the 2015 CBAA member show at the D'Art center in Norfolk, at Bean There Coffee Shop in Virginia Beach, at Java Surf Coffee Shop, Oral Surgery of Tidewater, the 2016 and 2017 CBAA Member Show at the Suffolk Cultural Center for the Arts,  at Gus and George's Spaghetti and Steakhouse in Virginia Beach. At the 2018 CBAA Member show at MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, VA. I can also be found with a booth at locally held art shows. Previously I have participated at the East Beach Art Show, the Senastional Spring Art Show, The Steel Pier Art Show, Artisans in The Park, Ocean view Art Show, 3rd Thursday art walk at shore drive, Neptune Festival Arts and Craft show, the Chix Beach Art Show, and at the Virginia Beach Pet Expo,

Home Life

THanks to my hard working husband Zach i am able to be a stay at home mom to my two young girls Evie and Colette and my soon to arrive son Griffin.. I work a few hours a week as an assistant for an insurance Broker and i work on my art as much as I can,. staying busy with pet portrait commissions and preparing new work for upcoming art shows. In what little free time I have i love to bake, read(especially anything involving the supernatural, magic, and fantasy), and spend time with my family..